August 3, 2017


1) When am i going to get my first report?

First report will be sent about 10 days after sign up.

2) How often will i get report for recurring plans?

Tiger, Great White, And Megalodon Plans are recurring. Payment is MONTHLY, and reports go out every 2 weeks. We will Drip feed the links during this time.

3) Who provides the articles?

We have a team of writers that will write new unique articles everyday, in the most used categories. At signup, you will have to choose from the categories that best fit your sites niche. Articles are NOT specific to your site, they are general, and niche related.

4) Are articles spinned?

Yes articles are human spinned. We don’t use TBS as this produces unreadable copies. Each of our articles sin will have perfect english and will be perfectly readable

5) How many sites ( domains)can i include in Reef, Mako And Tiger Plans?

Plans Reef, Mako and Tiger  are to be used for 1 domain. Reef can allow 2 url’s, Mako can allow 3 url’s, aswell as tiger. All url’s belong to the same domain.

6) Can i White label your reports?

Absolutely! we do this for many seo providers. Just let us know in advance.

7) I need help before placing an order. Can you help me with On-page seo and KW selection?

Sure! We in fact offer this service at no extra charge for all our recurring plans. Just contact us at Skype cnocetti1, and we will be happy to help you out.

8) How many categories can i select for my campaign?

You can select one category per site  for your campaign, this means that Lemon, Reef, Mako, and Tiger plans allow 1 category only. See cathegories details.

9) Do you provide a Rank Guarantee?

No we don’t provide a written Rank Guarantee, as this depends on many different factors. However, In our experience, when site on-page seo is properly built and Kw’s are wisely selected, a site usually can take from 1 to 3 months in recurring plans to achieve a top 10 Rank.

10) Do you help with on page seo and kw selection?

YES! its included in all our recurring plans at no extra cost. We will assist you in kw selection and we will guide you in all the changes necesary to have a proper onpage seo. We will tell you excatly what to change, and where, from metatitles to content, but bear in mind You will be responsible of the site edition, We Dont log and make the changes for you. If you dont know how to, we can recomend you a developer that will do the changes suggested in your site.